START - Introduction

Welcome to the ArcadeLand Litepaper! Here you'll find information on our platform, features, tokenomics, and more!

What is ArcadeLand?

ArcadeLand is creating The Ultimate Gaming Metaverse with high-quality games, proprietary technology, and sound tokenomics – designed with a user-friendly, blockchain-optional UI to serve the global audience of over 3.2 billion gamers.

Where Web2 Gaming Meets Web3

We’ve designed an ecosystem with gamers, developers, and the community in mind to propel the future of Web3 gaming.
Gamers can explore an immersive world to discover a nearly endless variety of play and earn games, including familiar titles from mainstream publishers.
Developers can easily adapt their existing titles to launch new play-to-earn game modes instantly, revitalizing their fanbase.
Community members can benefit from participating in the ecosystem, developing lands and earning in over a dozen ways. The possibilities are as limitless as your imagination!
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