Further ArcadeLAND details coming soon!

What is ArcadeLAND?

ArcadeLand's open-world style Metaverse will be a sprawling, user-owned world with nearly endless variety, from games, to activities, to businesses of all sorts, anything users want to create on their piece of digital real estate is there for everyone to enjoy and patronize.
ArcadeLAND – with an intentional emphasis on the "LAND" part – are NFTs that represent a specific size and location of a land plot and everything above, inside, and below it.
ArcadeLand's platform is comprised entirely of a finite number of ArcadeLANDs, some reserved by the company for partnership, public, or other uses, with the vast majority being sold to users who wish to make use of them.
The goal of ArcadeLand is to fill each land plot with a rewarding and fun game, essential service, or other feature that benefits the user experience.
Final map subject to change, concept shown above

Ownership Benefits

Owning an ArcadeLAND plot allows the user to:
  • Build a visible structure on the land plot, within the defined sizes allowed
  • Integrate games
  • Operate businesses
  • Host events
  • Private, Public, or DAO Membership accessibility
  • Advertise
  • 1 Vote in the ArcadeDAO for each land plot owned
  • Host and operate a masternode
  • Fractionalize(split) their land plots to sell or use for other purposes
  • Merge adjacent plots together to increase size and gain additional benefits and features
  • Vote once in the ArcadeDAO for each land plot owned (proportional - i.e. a 0.25x0.25 vote is 1/4th the power of a 1x1 vote)
ArcadeLand will provide a comprehensive suite of building tools and user-generated assets via the marketplace, payment, and other tools to enable commerce.

Current Land Details (Revealed so far!)

Land quantity, size, map, available plots, pricing, special features, and other details to be released soon! All below details are currently subject to change. Follow our socials for the latest updates
Max Quantity (total units)
Unit size (1x1)
20m x 20m
Sizes and max quantities
1x1: 10,000
Single plot
3x3: 1,600
Size of 9 single plots
6x6: 500
Size of 36 single plots
12x12: 200
Size of 144 single plots
24:24: 50
Size of 576 single plots
Reserved for ArcadeLand, Public use, and Partnership
Sale Dates
TBA - Performed in quarterly rounds
Features enabled w/ each plot size
TBA - 1x1s are the current minimum to host an integrated game, HQ, or business that can accept transactions. The larger the plot, the more features are enabled, including DAO, transaction fee discounts, and increased height/depth/interior limits.
It is important to note that 3x3 plots contain 9 total 1x1s that can be fractionalized into individual NFTs, and even further to 0.25 x 0.25 minimum sizes.
It will be difficult or expensive to obtain adjacent 1x1s to merge together to form even a 3x3 and nearly impossible in the future to do so to achieve a larger size, making the 3x3s, 6x6s, 12x12s, and especially 24x24s especially rare as time goes on as they can only be further reduced but rarely built again.

What you can build

Any feature, news, update, item for sale, etc. one would otherwise go to their website for can be replicated in a more fun, social, and interactive way in this virtual environment we view as the new "immersive internet".
ArcadeLand HQs are equipped and designed to be the fully-functional Web 3.0 replacement for the old Web 2.0 websites of nearly any business, media, or game.
The following sections are a variety of examples but not a complete list of what can be built!