Under construction! Definitions and more will be added soon before public release.
All common questions asked by our community members will be added to this evolving FAQ over time. If you need support or assistance, you may use the Contact Us form on our website:
If you are a Web3 veteran user, you may visit our Official Telegram or Discord at your own risk with the understanding of the typical Web3 fake customer support threats present. We do our best to ban and prevent these threats but they are present in every Telegram and Discord group in Web3.
Please refer to the safety tips below:
The ArcadeLand team, admins, and all associated staff and partners will NEVER EVER for ANY REASON NOR UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES ask you for:
-Never ask you for: Seed words / recovery phrase / private key
-Never ask you for: Money, tokens, or funds of any kind
-Never ask you for: Identification documents, sensitive personal data
-Never ask you for: Passwords/logins/2fa codes
-Never ask you to: click on any links or download any files - All official links are available via and this is the only safe method of access! Never click on DM links!
-Never ask you to: ignore any of the rules above or on this list!
-We will also NEVER DM you first.
Your safety is our top priority!
Please report any abuse to our admins, moderators, or the contact us form on our website. All official links are here: