GOVERN - Dual-Tokenomics

In case you've missed it, be sure to check out our Proprietary Dual-Tokenomics page for Volatility Shield and other information!
Arcadeland will utilize a unique dual-token system to power and balance the in-game economy.
$ARCADE tokens perform the majority of utility functions while $TICKETs serve to reward players and fairly regulate the prize distribution, keeping the prize center replenished at all times.
Dual-Tokenomics Summary:
We have designed a proprietary token model to maximize the appeal to all key stakeholder groups as well as ensure a sustainable and growing economy.
Economics advisory and on-staff economics PhDs are employed to tune key variables of our token model and 52 elements of gamification driving KPIs with the goal of a 1% increase in efficiency weekly.
99% of all ecosystem functions are performed with $ARCADE governance token
  • Needed for all transactions, purchases, memberships, LAND purchases, etc.
  • Credit card and fiat purchase options deliver $ARCADE to the recipients
  • DAO-controlled deflation rate: Small % collected from all transactions/gameplay, either returned to users via promotions or sent to locked-liquidity address and permanently removed from circulation
$TICKET is solely a redemption utility token
  • Allows for flexible rewards and appealing to the target market of non-crypto gamers
  • Not designed to be volatile, increase or decrease in value, but stable
    • WHY: General audiences don’t like losing money they’ve earned via gameplay. If their hard earned rewards decrease in value, retention would plummet and attrition skyrocket.
    • HOW: Will not be listed on exchanges outside of our ecosystem, zero pre-mint, produced at a controlled and capped rate relative to gameplay fees and rewards rates which vary according to game owner