SPECIAL - Unique Features

The Highlights

While many Metaverse platforms have overlapping features, such as building your own game or headquarters, ArcadeLand has several distinguishing features that will earn it the title of the Ultimate Gaming Metaverse:

1. Web2 and Web3 Games

Largest selection with hundreds of the best Web2 AND Web3 games

2. Accessibility

Blockchain-optional interface for the global audience of 3.2+ billion gamers

3. Interoperability

Multi-platform avatar system compatible with 3000+ existing games, with Wearable NFTs you can take with you
4. User Friendly

5. SDK

UGC No-Code, hybrid builder tools, and SDK allow for rapid integration and creation of new games, game items, content, businesses, and ANYTHING you want to build in the Metaverse!

6. Rewarding Ecosystem

Over 16+ ways to earn and 12+ ways to monetize land

7. Proprietary Dual-Tokenomics

Unique to our platform! Designed for Web2 and Web3 users and sustainable growth

Comparison overview vs. market leaders

The comparison above contains two each of the most popular Web2 and Web3 platforms in terms of offerings:

Web2 category leaders

Roblox (51m DAU) for it's Web2 market-leading, Metaverse-type, UGC-focused world and economy.
Steam was chosen for it's Web2 market-leading offering of high-quality games with monthly active user numbers (120m+ in 2021) that beat the Playstation network in 2021, growing their market share rapidly

Web3 category leaders

Decentraland was chosen as the #1 Web3 Metaverse in terms of market share, with a 10b USD peak market capitalization.
The Sandbox was chosen was the #2 Web3 Metaverse by the same metric, coming in at 7.5b USD and both far ahead of any competitors.
They are both Web3 Metaverse platforms that allow for many standard features such as UGC, owning and developing land, designing games, and play and earn.
However, they lack the integration of full game titles from the Web2 and Web3 spaces and are limited in their active user numbers, not even reaching 1/1000th of their main Web2 competitors.

Comparison conclusion

Web2 competitors have great games, but little or no play-to-earn features along with them. While Roblox has some similar features to Web3 play and earn, such as an item marketplace, ability to build games and earn, it lacks the full play and earn suite of features as well as the quality of games you would find on Steam that players expect.
Web3 competitors lack the quality of games as they don't support their Web3 game peers integration or the premium quality Web2 games. They also limit themselves to a narrow audience by being accessible to and marketing focused on Web3 users only.