Accessibility Features

Web3 for everyone

Accessibility is one of our guiding design principles and key to achieving our mission of bringing Web3 gaming to everyone.
Our platform puts mainstream gamer audiences first without compromising on the benefits Web3 savvy users come to expect.
Users familiar with blockchain may opt to make use of advanced features - such as withdrawing their tokens - if they acknowledge the risks and understand ArcadeLand may not be able to help them if they lose their tokens for any reason by enabling these features. Users who do not opt-in to use such features will enjoy enhanced security benefits and support in the event of an account attack or fraud attempt.

ArcadeLand will feature

  • Easy registration
  • Social login
  • 2FA security
  • One-Click Gaming links to invite friends to your session instantly
  • Fiat payment options such as Paypal or Credit card
  • Built-in blockchain wallet and NFT marketplace
  • Full range of Web3 gaming and related services
  • Multi-language support
  • No need to write seed words, withdraw tokens, install plugins, or be directed off-platform for any reason (unless you double-opt to as an advanced user)
  • A browser-based, streaming platform
  • Mobile games and platform as a secondary priority over VR
... and more!