2.3 Metaverse Interoperability

Origins of the term "Metaverse"

Science fiction author Neal Stephenson coined the term "Metaverse" in his 1992 novel Snow Crash. He described a persistent, virtual environment people with digital avatars could interact with one another in cyberspace, the next natural evolution of the internet and likely the inspiration behind movies like Ready Player One.

Embracing the vision

ArcadeLand understands one of the key aspects of this vision is the interoperability between other digital spaces.
A "true Metaverse" would be like a 3-dimensional browser, your portal to the new immersive internet.
We believe websites will soon be replaced by interactive virtual spaces as brands, retailers, games, and companies from all industries embrace this new format.
Therefore we must be interoperable and compatible by design, allowing users and items to access the broader multiverse of Metaverse platforms rather than take a competitive position or use non-compatible architecture.

Value Proposition

ArcadeLand is built not to compete with, but rather to work together and strive for interoperability, compatibility, and cooperation with other Metaverse, gaming, and Web3 projects.
For example, our choice of Avatars allow for tokenized accessories and compatibility with the largest range of games (3000+). Most Metaverse projects instead opt to create and issue their own that have zero use, and therefore value to the user, outside of their platform.
Our value proposition to our partners is simple: When you win, we win, and we all win together.