2.4 User-Friendly Ecosystem

It's all about U(-sers)

Our platform is designed to be user-friendly and a safe way to interact with Web3 games and related services, as a browser of this immersive internet should.
We offer a complete and broad array of Web3 games and related services in an environment built to support all their features yet designed to be safe for Web2 users by preventing them from being directed off-platform into "the wild" where most blockchain scams occur.
ArcadeLand Concept Art

The Danger

New threats in the blockchain space are produced and detected almost daily. Social platforms allow bots, fraudulent ads, direct messages, the transmission of infected files and .pdfs, fake support agents, IP infringement, and so forth. This is just one vector, not including the dangers associated with browsers, their extensions, and more.
These are all Barriers to Web3 Gaming adoption.
The crypto space is still in a state of being generally dangerous to new users, and even those savvy enough to bill themselves investors who perform and understand due diligence.

The Tools to Win

Therefore ArcadeLand provides all the necessary features and plugins to allow for users with zero blockchain experience to safely patronize and benefit from Web3 games.
Web3 headquarters in our Metaverse allow games and landowners to incorporate on-chain and off-chain functions, such as NFT sales, minting, marketplace, gameplay, item rentals, scholarship functions, automatically updating news and updates from the blog, social, and Gitbook sources, and so forth!