2.5 Proprietary Dual-Tokenomics


Our unique Dual-Tokenomics system ensures all users of the platform can benefit from the ArcadeLand ecosystem without the inflation or instability issues faced by many Web3 games and Metaverse platforms.
The majority of the ecosystem functions are on the $ARCADE utility and governance token, which is openly traded on the market and used for a variety of essential functions within the ecosystem listed above.
The $TICKET token is used solely for flexible rewards redemption, is unlisted, and remains stable.

Bottom line

Web3 users can enjoy all the features of staking, the non-inflationary rewards from gameplay fees, and more at their discretion.
Web2 users enjoy the protection of their funds and rewards with a default volatility shield. As well as a number of convenience features they expect from the AAA titles they're familiar with, none of the tokenized hassles.
A DAO regulates the economy to a degree by voting on certain development, budget, promotional, or deflationary actions.