1.2 Why ArcadeLand?

As stated in our mission we wholeheartedly believe blockchain technology can and will improve the world and lives of billions of people.
However, as this is a transformative new technology it has not yet matured to the point necessary to be adopted by the critical mass of users needed to become prolific and enjoyed in daily life by most people.
There is a long list of reasons for this, but the TL;DR version is:
Web3 gaming is still not user-friendly and too risky for most users, in addition to lacking the necessary game quality and interoperability that is expected.
Most gamers do not wish to be speculative investors, traders, or otherwise expose themselves to financial risks or hacks of any sort to enjoy the benefits of Web3 games, platforms, and Metaverse ecosystems.

Our approach

We make Web3 gaming accessible and safe for Web2 users with an easy-to-use UI.
We remove the barriers and negative aspects to enable full participation in the ecosystem for Web2 users, while also enabling Web3 users to opt-in to perform more advanced functions.
We empower Web3 games and ecosystem participants to enjoy additional traffic and users with features that can produce predictable results on demand.
We enable Web2 developers to upgrade their titles and tap into a new revenue stream by offering Web3 features such as play and earn rewards.
We are ArcadeLand, and we are building the Ultimate Gaming Metaverse.